The Team

Cheryl Hunter

Co-founder of The Hunter Group, is a bestselling author, speaker and high-performance expert who specializes in providing Fortune-100-caliber coaching for businesses, schools, and individuals. Her expertise is in guiding her clients to architect a very specific blueprint for their businesses and their lives that produces dramatic results in a very short window of time. [Read more]

Dr. Lana Hunter

Co-founder of The Hunter Group, has been an educator for over thirty years. Throughout her career in education, she has taught in K-12 classrooms, served as a principal, and was director of instructional services before becoming interim school district superintendent. Currently, she is a professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo. [Read more]

Julie Hunter

Director of Operations and a coaching team member with The Hunter Group. Although she’s grateful for her formal training as a coach, Julie feels her 20 years of experience working in business equally prepared her for a career in coaching. Julie’s entrée into the business world began with a decade at Sony Music in the New York City headquarters. [Read more]

Pericles Rellas

He has been a coach for over 23 years, and considers it a profound privilege to have supported tens of thousands of people to live their best lives. Pericles prides himself on compassionately holding people to account to fulfill upon the commitments they hold most dear, so that they’re able to accomplish the things they previously felt were impossible. [Read more]

George Kansas

Designs and delivers inspirational and content-rich communications, team building, and creative problem solving programs to corporate groups, athletic teams, performers, artists, and sales teams. George helps his clients gain clarity, develop poise and presence in sharing their message, then supports them in the execution of their plans. [Read more]

Donna Richards

Spent over 20 years helping people to reach new levels of success and inspire action through focusing on behavior change, motivation and accountability. As a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant, Donna is honored to have helped over 50,000 people from more than 30 countries worldwide to transform their lives. [Read more]

Cheryl Paoletti

Developed both professional and personal tools and techniques that assist companies with their vision of success. She assists the attainment of this goal through the growth and evolution of the collective individuals within the organization. She is known for her propriety concept MAPP (Mapping Action Plan Priority). [Read more]

Marden Nochez

M.D., MBA is an experienced International Operations and Management Consultant who, for the last 15 years has served as a trusted advisor to start-ups, established organizations and several Fortune 1000 companies. [Read more]

Bjorn Martinoff

A thought leader featured on Bloomberg TV’s Thought Leader Series, an award winning CEO Coach, Author, radio show host, Executive Development facilitator, and keynote speaker who has shared the stage with Greats like Jack Canfield, and Ram Charan. [Read more]

Lyena Strelkoff

Recently recognized by the California State Legislature as a finalist for a Woman of Influence Award, Lyena Strelkoff is a coach, retreat leader, and speaker dedicated to elevating the way humans respond to change, challenge, and adversity. Lyena sustained a paralyzing spinal cord injury in 2002 while hiking with a friend. [Read more]

Jonathan Magid

Parlayed earlier years in creative, operational and management roles, including those with P&L responsibility, into a successful career in organizational and leadership development. He has become a foremost expert in executive assessment as a central strategy in his larger work with high potential development, leadership development and succession planning and management. [Read more]

David Shechtman

His main focus is helping clients transform adversities into victories. His clients work in high growth, high challenge environments that require real-time learning and bold action. David helps his clients navigate difficult circumstances, identify golden learning opportunities, and establish straightforward action plans for success. [Read more]

Megan Haskins

She is proud to be the newest member of the team, coming on board in 2019 as the Office Manager. She is committed to making the world a better place using the talents and skills she has accumulated through her non-profit work. Megan firmly believes that she can be a catalyst for change through her positive attitude and willingness to serve others.  [Read more]