Ryanne Vela

Ryanne Vela“I am a hungry and ambitious girl, aspiring to become an executive leader. I am also a compassionate person, and actively laying the foundation for a family. Until Obliterating Obstacles, I was struggling to define what (or rather which) made me worthy. Through the course, the barriers that once held up the definitions and roles I made for my life drifted away and were replaced, instead, with a deep confidence in myself and my ability to create a life full of joy in all facets.

“In particular, the course taught me to be more self-aware, and to empathize with myself just as I would with others. It taught me to generatively listen, so that I could allow others to articulate a complete message and so that I could gain the most from their input. I learned that we all experience similar situations, while they manifest uniquely, and it gave me a deeper appreciation for the connectedness that underlies all of us – a connectedness that if tapped into, could create more productive workplace relationships.

“The course ultimately reminded me of my power, and furthermore, how to recognize when I was not in my power and course correct. I will forever be grateful for the generosity of Cheryl to share her life journey with me and to help me realize how I could be deliberate in creating mine.”

Ryanne Vela, Enterprise Business Development Consultant, Rackspace