Gigi Geoffrion

VP of Quality and Security, Rackspace

“Having a coach from The Hunter Group has been invaluable.”

Gary Anderson

Warner Brothers Entertainment

Before working with The Hunter Group I was a perfectionist.

Ryanne Vela

Enterprise Business Development Consultant, Rackspace

“I am a hungry and ambitious girl, aspiring to become…”

Jerry Block

Principal, Malibu High School

“As a kickoff to our new peer counseling program, The..”

Christopher Johnson


“Out of The Hunter Group’s coaching my company grew..

Peter Brown

Political Consultant to European Parliament & United States Government

“My work with The Hunter Group challenged me to face..”

Anita Noravian

Senior Manager, Fox Broadcasting Company/20th Century Fox Entertainment

“What I got working with The Hunter Group is the..”

Ron Brandt

Market Manager, Herman Miller

“A few years ago, my daughter was battling leukemia. The..”

James Li

CEO of Los Angeles Restaurant Chain

“The Hunter Group has been a great resource to me as..”

Joel Loquvam

Estate-Planning Attorney

“From working with The Hunter Group I’ve cut overhead out..”

Steven Scher

The Armand Hammer Museum of Art

“Before working with The Hunter Group, I was in a state of..”

Jason Branson


“Before working with The Hunter Group, I experienced lack of motivation..”

Beverly Elba


“Before working with The Hunter Group, my life was stagnant..”