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Accelerate High-Performance & Authentic Leadership

“While I pride myself on getting great performance from those in my organization, I had two high-potential individuals whose performance their managers and I wanted to accelerate. The first had been entrusted with a sizable accountability, but suffered from shyness and a lack of confidence that was an impediment. The second was perpetually overwhelmed and “in the weeds,” but was repeatedly asking for a promotion that was not yet merited.

“Upon hearing about the course, I decided to sponsor them into Obliterate Obstacles; I felt their potential made it worth the investment. Over the 10-week period, they each thanked me and their managers several times for sending them, as they were really enjoying what they were learning. I was happy they were engaged, but I was more interested in the fact that I was noticing an immediate shift in their willingness and ability to change their behavior for the better:

• The first individual developed self-confidence and began to speak up.
• By six weeks into the course, the second individual was taking on more responsibility, delivering on multiple competing priorities, and demonstrating those behaviors that will help get them to the next level.

“Obliterate Obstacles caused the breakthrough it promised in both cases.

Huge ROI.”

-VP, Global Technology Corporation


This remarkable program will surprise you with its immediate results as well as with the significant impact on long-term performance and leadership, and will deliver these results in only eleven weeks of participation.

In Obliterate Obstacles, participants will learn to become leaders who gain unprecedented ability to take on complex challenges. You will up-level productivity in the most effective ways possible, and experience many of the consistent results participants have received across a broad spectrum of positions and professions.

The program is available by application only and is limited to 20 participants in each program. We suggest you apply if you want to:

• Strengthen your strengths and enhance your leadership style and skills
• Unwire and rewire hidden habits that hold you back
• Let go of default behaviors that don’t always work
• Design new behaviors that support your intentions
• Liberate yourself from vexing limitations
• Eliminate fear, anger, upset, or resentment that you’ve had or are having
• Be filled with authentic self-confidence
• Know yourself as someone who is true to yourself and your values
• Lead and perform in authentic and enduring ways
• Unleash your influence and increase your productivity
• Accelerate your career trajectory and truly fulfill your career potential

You can expect practical, best-in-class, hands-on learning with abundant access to your program leader.

The program includes:

• One live, on-site, six-hour, kick-off workshop
• Ten weekly, laser-like coaching conference calls
• Two one-on-one private coaching sessions with your program leader
• Email communication for interim questions, concerns, and coaching
• Recordings of every conference call and supportive written materials


Here are results that participants have gotten from participating in the program:


Is Obliterate Obstacles right for you, your team, or your organization?

Here’s how you’ll know:

• Do you feel frustrated knowing that there is so much more you, your team or your organization could be accomplishing?
You can, and sooner than you think.

• Have you, your direct reports or your team hit what feels like a productivity ceiling?
Obliterate the obstacles that keep you stuck.

• Are you or your team in a rut even though you’re working hard?
Get out of that energy slump and hit new levels of performance.

• Do you ever find yourself asking, “How did I/we get here?”
Move, change, shift direction almost effortlessly.

• Have you ever found yourself watching on as others with less talent and ability succeed and seem to get “lucky breaks” while you don’t?
Learn what it takes to create and enjoy your own luck.

If any of these sound familiar, you’re in the right place; those are exactly the issues we’ll tackle in Obliterate Obstacles.

Leaders create what’s not here today, and should be here tomorrow. Whatever you want to create for tomorrow, Obliterate Obstacles can help you get there. What are you committed to creating for yourself, your team, and your organization?

So, How Do You Register?

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