Marden Nochez

Marden Nochez, M.D., MBA is an experienced International Operations and Management Consultant who, for the last 15 years has served as a trusted advisor to start-ups, established organizations and several Fortune 1000 companies.

He coaches C-suite executives and managers on better understanding the motivation behind employee actions, managerial strategies, reduction of turnover, strategic planning, training program development, goals-driven supervision and data-based management.

Marden’s consulting experience spans multiple industries, including: healthcare, med-legal, financial, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, software and consulting.

Dr. Nochez’s core belief is that customer success cannot be achieved without a systematic and conscientious approach to operational excellence. With this philosophy, he has been able to produce breakthrough results with organizations of all sizes in multiple kinds of verticals.

His innovative approach combines tried and tested techniques like LEAN Manufacturing and Six Sigma with a deep understanding of neuroscience and human behavior theories resulting in an approach that satisfied the organizational need for growth while providing the people in the company to achieve personal satisfaction and a sense of belonging.