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Welcome to The Hunter Group’s Coaching for Individuals.

When you need a champion, a career or business expert, or if you’ve been struggling with the same issue for too long, coaching can be the smartest investment you can make in yourself.

There are two different areas of focus we provide for coaching individuals:

Private Coaching – for business and life
Group Coaching – learning together and from others

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Private Coaching: a series of one-on-one sessions with your own coach. These private sessions produce extraordinary results for our clients during days and hours that work for you. While our private coaching utilizes our proven educational method, the sessions are conducted at your own pace, and address the issues and commitments that you want to address.

We offer two distinct types of private coaching:

Business Coaching is for executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners. You and your coach will explore new ways of accelerating your business and career, and you’ll discover how to perform optimally in a sustainable way.

Life Coaching is for you when you’re struggling with your career, want to improve your health, or are going through personal changes, and want to bring your very best game.

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Group Coaching: a series of scheduled weekly sessions that are conducted in a group with other people who strive together and learn from each other. Our group coaching is designed for people who like classroom or seminar settings and thrive in a community environment. You’ll have opportunities interact with like-minded people, and build lasting relationships with them. Best of all, because of the power of the group dynamic, you’ll progress at an accelerated pace.

How exactly does group coaching work?

Group learning is an accelerated method of high-impact, results-driven coaching
Partners and Teams participate together to learn and break through barriers

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When you’re ready to fulfill your own potential or express your highest vision, it’s important to have the right coach in your corner.

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