George Kansas

George KGeorge Kansas designs and delivers inspirational and content-rich communications, team building, and creative problem solving programs to corporate groups, athletic teams, performers, artists, and sales teams.

George helps his clients gain clarity, develop poise and presence in sharing their message, then supports them in the execution of their plans.

As a certified Winslow Consultant, George employs the highest technology combined with wisdom from the ages to help discover the hidden secrets to success.

As a self-described “demolition expert”, he will help tear down the fears that prevent people from making the most of life. His work focuses on striking a healthy balance between professional and personal responsibilities.

George was once diagnosed with a rare Leukemia that completely destroyed his bone marrow. Just five months later, after employing a rigorous combination of modern medical science, deep self-developed, bio-transformational meditation and powerful creative visualization, George was cancer free. Through that experience George realized that the lessons he’d been teaching for years played an important role in saving his own life.

Since his recovery, George has run four marathons, published seven books, and spoken to tens of thousands across the country. He’s trained hundreds of runners to run their first races and has supported retreat events for survivors and caregivers. In addition to being a performance coach, George is also a practicing attorney. He and his wife divide their time between southern California and upstate New York.