Cheryl Hunter

Cheryl_headshot copyCheryl Hunter, founder of The Hunter Group, is a bestselling author, speaker and high-performance expert who specializes in providing Fortune 100 caliber coaching for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. Her expertise is in guiding her clients to architect a very specific blueprint for their businesses and their lives that produces dramatic results in a very short window of time.

Cheryl was drawn to her work as a result of her own journey; she was abducted while traveling overseas as a teenager. That life-altering experience ignited a strong desire to contribute to others, so, distilling the methods Cheryl used to turn around her own life, she developed an educational model to help turn around results for people in all contexts. Cheryl became a woman with a mission: to liberate people and empower them to fulfill their highest potential.

In service of that mission, Cheryl has coached and led programs to more than a quarter million people since 1996; she leads cutting-edge programs of her own design in corporations, for individuals, for high schools across the nation, and in universities, including the California State University system and the Colorado State University system. Cheryl’s clients report unmatched achievements; their success and satisfaction levels are through the roof.

In addition to personally coaching and leading programs, Cheryl has been responsible for the delivery, customer satisfaction, and sales of over 2100 programs involving the participation of over 240,000 individuals. She has been charged with the ongoing recruitment, training and development of over 750 coaches and program leaders. Cheryl is experienced in designing, implementing, staffing, and developing programs designed to produce continually escalating results, and she has a reputation for leading teams to meet aggressive sales initiatives, high customer retention quotas, and consistent customer satisfaction goals.

Cheryl empowers senior executives to fulfill their personal objectives, as well as working hand-in-hand with them in building effective training and development programs for the people they manage. In addition to working with executives and small management teams, Cheryl has developed, trained and managed teams of over 115 people to produce ever-expanding results.

Although assisting professional and educational organizations and individuals to develop leaders, enhance performance, shift cultures and dramatically alter results comprises much of her day-to-day routine, Cheryl is also a noted media personality. She has made great impact with her highly regarded TED talks and her bestselling book USE IT: Turn Setbacks Into Success. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and other mainstream media such as CNN, Forbes Magazine and U.S. News & World Report, and has been featured in such outlets as AOL, Woman’s Day, the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News. Cheryl is honored to be a founding member of Maria Shriver’s Brain Trust, a select group dedicated to bettering the lives of women.

Cheryl lived abroad for nearly a decade and is equally at home in both domestic and international business environments.

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