Anthony Zampella

Anthony V. Zampella is an educator, activist, writer and researcher in the field of adult learning and leadership development. He specializes in integrated Western knowledge and Eastern practices to develop generative mindsets. His work cultivates leadership and learning cultures, by examining the connections between Listening and Learning. Since 1999, Tony has gained extensive experience as an executive coach and leadership specialist, designing and delivering leadership programs for executives, first-time CEOs, and learning and development (L&D) professionals.

Tony applies contemplative practices and language-action theory to facilitate fundamental shifts in unlearning and relearning in unprecedented time: increasing levels of accountability and performance, building trust, and developing relationships for collaboration. He writes a regular blog, Learning Curve, for learning and development professionals.

Tony’s experience presents an eclectic fusion of Western business models, Transformative learning methods, Language-action practices, and Eastern Wisdom traditions. As an Integral theorist, his interests include works of Martin Heidegger and Ken Wilber and the practice of Zen Buddhism.

As a learning specialist, Tony has researched, and delivered learning methods at various universities with undergrad and graduate students at Rutgers University Business School, Fordham University’s MBA Program, Mercy College and more.