Our Story

When you’re audacious enough to believe you can accomplish what others say is impossible, and incremental change is too slow, The Hunter Group is your partner for success.

We help executives, teams, and corporations design new business blueprints that produce dramatic results reliably and quickly. We are a boutique coaching and consulting firm working with national and international clients; we help them build leadership strengths, optimize performance, and create highly-engaged cultures.

What We Do

Our cutting-edge educational model has been delivered to leaders, teams, divisions and organizations including: Rackspace, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Herman Miller, CBS, Sony, Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Bank of America, Ford, Toyota, Revlon, American Airlines, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, Capital One Financial, Solomon Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, American Express, CitiGroup, among others, and our courses have been taught in the California and Colorado State University systems.

Our Approach

Our proven approach removes the hidden obstacles to effectiveness, performance, communication and success. The Hunter Group’s expertise is guiding leadership teams who must consistently produce reliable results, and individual executives in one-on-one engagements. We provide leadership development and executive coaching, and work closely with clients to design large-scale, customized programs that fulfill specific needs, deliver intended outcomes, and allow individuals, teams, and companies to meet and exceed their expectations. Our 19-year track record has delivered breakthrough results through organizational initiatives and culture change for large and small organizations, their leaders and teams.